Oliva cathedral in Gdansk
Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk
A visit to Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk
Oliwa used to be a separate town, now it is part of Gdansk.  In the past it was owned by the Cistercian monks. The monks no longer live there, but we can still admire their work. The church is the longest in Poland and is surrounded by old gardens. Oliwa Cathedral was built in the 13th and 14th centuries but the interior from this time has not survived due to the damage caused by various armies and citizens of Gdansk during periods of religious disputes. Inside we can see 23 altars built in the Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles.


Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk, Ania Anna Kotula, Tour Guide Service Gdansk
Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk, Ania Anna Kotula, Tour Guide Service Gdansk
Tourists come to Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk to listen to magnificent but brief 20-minute organ concerts that run every hour in the summer. The Rococo organ consists of almost 8,000 pipes, and many moving elements.


A visit to Oliwa cathedral is not on the Gdansk City Tour as it is located a 15- minute drive from the city. If you come to Gdansk on a cruise ship and your port is Gdynia we can easily drop by Oliwa cathedral on the way to Gdansk.


The sight is on the tour:  Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in one day and In the footsteps of John Paul II in Gdansk




Entrance fees to Oliwa cathedra in Gdansk free of charge except for the 20 minute organ concert – regular ticket 4,5 PLN, discount ticket 2,5 PLN
4 PLN is only about € 1