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Visit to the Amber Museum in Gdansk

During your trip to Gdansk it is worth paying a visit to this unique place. This recently constructed museum is located in the XIV century Torture Room and Prison Tower just at the beginning of the Royal Route in Gdansk.


Amber is called the gold of the Baltic Sea. Baltic amber is about 40 million years old. The famous amber route stretched from Gdansk to present day Italy. It has been proven that the first journey took place in the 5th century BC.


In the Museum of Amber in Gdansk you will see: amber in nature (with its large variety of colors), amber from ancient times, great examples of contemporary handicraft and amber in jewelry. All tourists visiting Gdansk will find something interesting here.


Additionally, on the visit to the Museum of Amber in Gdansk I advise you to participate in a brief display of amber polishing.  Here you will also learn how to recognise fake amber.


The sight is on the tour:  The Gdansk city tour and Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in one day



Entrance fees The Amber Museum in Gdansk: regular ticket 12 PLN, discount ticket 6 PLN


4 PLN is only about € 1