Lech Walesa
Lech Walesa


The Solidarity Route of Gdansk – The Lech Walesa Tour.


Very popular as a shore excursion to Gdansk since you may combine this trip with the Gdansk City Tour.
Even though many Polish cities were fighting against the communist regime, Gdansk is called the cradle of Solidarity. Here in the Lenin Shipyard, Lech Walesa (in Polish Wałęsa) worked as an electrician, and it was he who became the leader of the strikes in 1980 which ultimately brought about the fall of the iron curtain not only in Poland but in other European countries as well.


We will start our tour with a visit to the European Solidarity Centre (called also Solidarity Museum). Here we will go through Polish history, the reasons for and the couses of the strikes in 1970 and 1980, the Gdansk Agreement, the carnival of Solidarity and Martial Law. In the end we will learn about the first free elections.




Later we will see the neighbouring Monument to the fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970, which commemorates the first three workers murdered here by the police during the strikes in 1970. Our next stop is St. Brigida’s church in Gdansk which served as a meeting place for the political opposition. Many famous heads of states have been here, among others: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. St. Brigida’s church is also famous for its amber altar which is under construction in the church. Even it is not ready yet, we can already admire its beauty. After completion it will be bigger than the famous Amber Room also built by craftsmen from Gdansk.
St. Brigidas-Church-in-Gdansk

The Solidarity Route of Gdansk – The Lech Walesa Tour details:



Entrance fees on the route of The Solidarity Route of Gdansk – The Lech Walesa Tour


European Solidarity Centre (Solidarity Museum): regular ticket 30 PLN, discount ticket 25 PLN, regular group ticket (11 people or more) 28 PLN, discount group ticket (11 people or more) 22 PLN
St Mary’s church in Gdansk: Free of charge
St. Brigida’s church in Gdansk: regular ticket 5 PLN


4 PLN is only about € 1


Lech Walesa
Lech Walesa


Prices for only guiding or guiding and transport. All is PER TOUR and NOT per person.
Only guiding Guiding with transport
1-3 people € 125 €149
4-6 people € 125 €190
7-19 people € 125 €214
More than 20 € 125 More than 20 and you need transport – please contact me!



How to book a Solidarity tour in Gdansk in English, Dutch or Spanish? Please click here! If you need a guide for Gdansk in French or German, please let me know, I can arrange it for you as well.



The Solidarity Route of Gdansk – The Lech Walesa Tour in PDF





You may combine this trip with the Gdansk City Tour, Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot in one day or In the footsteps of John Paul II in Gdansk. If you come to Gdansk with children, let me know their ages and I will suggest some attractions for them.




See you soon in Gdansk!