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World War II in Gdansk

World War II in Gdansk

World War 2 in Gdansk tour
The small peninsula of Westerplatte is a symbolic place where World War 2 began. Now we know that actually a few minutes earlier the first shots were fired in another Polish city. For Adolf Hitler, Westerplatte was a very important target since he wanted Gdansk to be only German and not a Free City as it had been between the first and Second World Wars. The Nazis were so confident of rapidly defeating the 200 Polish soldiers that on the 1st of September 1939, the morning newspapers already announced that the battle for Westerplatte was over. In fact they ended up fighting for 7 long days.




During our trip we will see some remaining barracks and ruins of blockhouses. I will show you how it looked during the first days of September 1939. After visiting Westerplatte, we will go to the Old Town of Gdansk to see the Post Office building which was also attacked by Nazis on the 1st of September 1939 and its defenders were sentenced to death by judges even though such sentences did not exist in the laws of the Free City of Gdansk.


World War 2 in Gdansk tour details:


  • The trip will take approximately 3 hours.
  • Meeting point: Westerplatte in Gdansk or I will pick you up at your hotel


Prices for only guiding or guiding and transport. All is PER TOUR and NOT per person.


Only guiding

Guiding with transport

1-3 people

€ 85


4-6 people

€ 85


7-14 people

€ 85


15-19 people

€ 85


More than 20

€ 85

More than 20 and you need transport – please contact me!





Westerplate, Gdansk, Ania Anna Kotula

Westerplate, Gdansk, Ania Anna Kotula


You may combine this trip with the Gdansk city tour or Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot in one day. If you come to Gdansk with children let me know their ages and I will suggest some attractions for them.


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