Guided tours in Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and Stutthof

Did You know?

  • At the end of the wooden pier in Sopot the level of iodine is considerably higher than at the beach.
  • The Nazi Concentration camp in Stutthof was the longest operating camp in Poland.
  • The Gdansk born astronomer Johannes Hevelius, who is known as the founder of lunar topography, was the first foreigner to be accepted into the Royal Society in London.
  • Gdansk is the birth place of the famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.
  • The boutique hotel Bayjonn in Sopot holds the Badminton Bayjonn Cup.
  • Oliva Cathedral in Gdansk is the longest Polish church.
  • In Sopot has the only piste with a sea view in Poland.
  • Gdynia has the biggest shopping centre in the Pomeranian Region – it is named Riviera and it has almost 250 shops.
  • The German actor Klaus Kinski, father of Nastassja Kinski was born in Sopot.
  • A new amber altar is being constructed in St.Bridget’s church in Gdansk . After completion it will be bigger than the famous Amber Room..
  • St. Mary’s Church in Gdansk is the biggest gothic brick church in the world.
  • The ORP Błyskawica, located at the South Pier in Gdynia, is the oldest destroyer in the world..
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, the inventor of the mercury-in-glass thermometer, was born in Gdansk..
  • Gdynia has the only Kobben class submarine on display in Poland. .
  • Gdansk is associated with three Nobel Prize winners (including two who couldn’t collect it personally).
  • The biggest International Fair of Amber, Amberif, is organized every year in Gdansk.

Few words about me


My name is Anna Kotula and I would like to invite you to visit the city of Gdansk with me.  I am an English, Spanish and Dutch speaking tour guide working in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. I perform guided tours in Gdansk personally so my prices are competitive.  I am happy to tailor your tour to your requirements. I am available for group bookings and private tours.